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Pencil Code is always being improved.  Open source contributors are welcome.

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Project Ideas

Welcome to potential contributors! We have a few ideas for potential projects where you could make a significant contribution with a small project.

See http://ideas.pencilcode.net/ for specific project ideas. To tinker with the code, try following the build instructions in the howto.

For more information, email david.bau@gmail.com.

To Contribute to Pencil Code:
All sorts of open source contributions are welcome.  For example, we are working with code.org and the App Inventor team to investigate how best to integrate our technology with those offerings.  All levels of participation are welcome:

Project Goals

The goal of Pencil Code: make coding as universally accessible and useful using as a pencil.

  • Pencil Code must be simple to use, both for students at home and in a classroom setting.  Students must be up and running immediately, and teachers must be able to apply it in their curricula.
  • The coding environment must illustrate and enable sound and modern concepts in computer science and mathematics.
  • It must provide a connection to best-of-breed technologies in the real world: students should be able to discover and use networked data, open source libraries, open languages, and open standards.
  • The system must reflect the versatility of programming in the real world: it must allow and invite applications in art, music, literature, and social studies as well as science, math, and computer science.
  • The tool should be delightful to use: it should be easy to visualize how programs work, and abstract concepts should be beautifully rendered.

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